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About Me

Hello there! I'm Nicole Stackmann, and I'm currently on an exciting journey as a graduate student at CU Boulder, pursuing a degree in Creative Technology and Design. My passion lies in the dynamic intersection of UX design and research, with a specific focus on the thrilling worlds of sports and entertainment.

As I navigate the halls of academia, my background in data analytics serves as a guiding force, offering me a unique lens through which I view UX design. I've discovered that my knack for simplifying complex data, showcased through visually appealing dashboards, not only enhances understanding but also elevates decision-making processes


Over the next two years, I'm dedicated to honing my skills and gaining valuable insights that will propel me into the captivating realm of UX. My ultimate goal? To leverage this unique blend of data analytics and UX design to create intuitive, user-friendly experiences. I believe that everyone should have access to enjoyable sports and entertainment, and I'm excited about the prospect of discussing how my skills can add significant value to your team.

So, whether you're interested in innovative UX solutions, the fascinating fusion of technology and design, or simply want to chat about the latest in sports and entertainment, I'd love to connect. Let's explore how we can collaborate and make the digital world even more engaging and accessible for all!

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